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    Contact us today to help elect good Republicans to public office!
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Thank you for visiting the official online home of the Lebanon County Republican Committee.

The mission of the LCRC is to promote the principles of the Republican Party in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. We support conservative Republican candidates at all levels of government – from township supervisor to President of the United States.

Coming off of great successes in 2017, the Republican Party is preparing to mobilize for the 2018 elections. President Trump is doing an outstanding job of leading our country and our party. However, now is a more important time than ever to stand up for the beliefs that so many of us in Lebanon County share. We must continue to advance the principles of limited government, lower taxes and protecting our constitutional freedoms.

This coming November there will be several elections, with great importance to the future of Lebanon County, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and our nation. It is important that we have experienced and hardworking people fighting to ensure our Republican candidates are elected.

Please consider joining our team, and be sure to add this website to your bookmarks or favorites so you can continue to get the latest news and updates about the LCRC’s efforts to elect quality individuals who value our Republican principles. Thanks for stopping by!

Casey Long
LCRC Chairman


Lebanon County Republican Committee

21 South 9th Street
Lebanon PA 17042-5104

Phone: 717-272-1758
Fax: 717-273-6971



Lebanon County Republican Committee