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Thanks for visiting the web page of the Lebanon County Republican Committee. Our members are elected every two years at the Primary election by GOP voters.

The obligation of the party is to present to primary voters a field of qualified candidates for their consideration. The voters, in turn, can accept or reject these candidates by nominating them to become the Republican candidates in the General election.

This year Governor Tom Corbett & Lt. Governor Jim Cawley lead our state ticket in their bid for re-election. To learn more about their outstanding record of accomplishments, please click here.  www.pagop.org
Depending upon where you live in Lebanon County, voters have a choice for one of two Congressional seats. Our Republican candidates are:

Charlie Dent, who was first elected to Congress in 2004 and represents the 15th District. www.dentforcongress.com

Ryan Costello, a Chester County Commissioner who is working to represent the 6th Congressional District and replace incumbent Congressman Jim Gerlach. www.ryancostelloforcongress.com

Our candidates for the General Assembly bring dedication and experience:
Mike Folmer, our state senator, represents the 48th District and serves as chair of the Senate Education Committee. http://www.senatorfolmer.com/

Mauree Gingrich, who has represented the 101st State House District (Lebanon city and west) since 2002, is chair of the House Gaming Oversight Committee. www.repgingrich.com

Sue Helm, representing the 104th State House District (East Hanover and North Annville Townships), has served four terms in the House. www.suehelm.net

The 102nd State House District (northern and eastern) is more complicated. Candidly, our prior local GOP leadership failed to properly slate on the ballot a qualified Republican for consideration by the voters to replace the retiring incumbent. Their duty was to give voters a real choice. In the Primary, there was only one name on the ballot, and the committee members who now represent the communities that make up the 102nd are now uncomfortable with certain aspects of the nominee’s background – namely a record of domestic violence involving two women that lasted longer than a decade and was as recent as last summer. They voted to prohibit the Committee from expending resources in support of any candidate. The other candidates include a labor leader running as a Democrat, a former assistant district attorney running as an Independent, and a realtor who has initiated her second write-in campaign.  www.redistricting.state.pa.us/Maps/House.cfm

We encourage all citizens to learn about the candidates and to exercise their individual right to vote.


Casey Long
LCRC Chairman


Lebanon County Republican Committee

21 South 9th Street
Lebanon PA 17042-5104

Phone: 717-272-1758
Fax: 717-273-6971




Lebanon County Republican Committee